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Meet the Team


We thank Shawn & Erica Parra of Royal Treasures Saints in Alabama for Layla. She was our first St. Bernard and it was love at first sight. Layla is a real sweetheart and has shown us that St. Bernard's are even more gentle and loving than they are big. She loves car rides, wet kisses and snuggling. Layla weighs in at a dainty 125 pounds.

Certifications: AKC Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog




 Riley is the senior member of our staff at 14 years old. As a mentor to the Saints she attempted to convince them they were just oversized Labrador Retrievers. Riley specializes in puppy dog eyes and sneaking Layla and Gibson's leftovers. She's our resident expert at fetch, but is always ready to chill with her buddies at the end of the day. Riley's hobbies include playing ball, counter surfing and drinking from the toilet. 

Certification: Therapy Dog 


                                                 Maggie May

Maggie May is our newest and smallest staff member. Both beautiful and smart - Maggie passed her therapy dog tests on her first try. She comes to us from Cathy Greene at Cabin Creek Labradors. She is incredibly sweet - no surprise for a chocolate lab! (Get it? Sweet…Chocolate…). OK moving on…Maggie May enjoys chasing squirrels, couch surfing, and a wide variety of chewing activities. She’s excited to join the TheraPets team.
Certification: AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog.  

Gibson (RIP).

Gibson epitomized the St. Bernard nickname "Gentle Giant." He came to us from Diane Vidmar at Mt. Hood Saints in Michigan. Gibson got his good looks from his father, Trademark's Zephan - a nationally known show dog. Gibson retired undefeated in his age group in the AKC show ring! He weighed a solid 185 pounds, but still considered himself a lap dog. Receiving tummy rubs, drooling and (loudly) snoring were Gibson's specialties.

Certifications: AKC Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog


Dave (Human Being)


Dave earned his M.S. in Occupational Therapy from UIC in 1997 and has been working in Special Education for the last 25+ years. He founded TheraPets.orgLLC in 2016 with the intent of integrating both Occupational Therapy and Animal Assisted Therapy in the schools.

Prior to becoming an O.T., Dave owned Countryside Animal Spa - a full service boarding, breeding, grooming and training kennel in Mundelein, IL. In the 1980’s Dave trained dogs in Chicago for Ludwig Gessner - a founding member of the US Army Canine Corps.


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