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How long are the classes?

     Each class will be roughly 45 minutes, sometimes a bit longer, sometimes a bit shorter.

Are families welcome to watch? 

     Absolutely! Families can watch any class from the viewing deck that overlooks the training field. 

Are the Obedience classes with OUR dog or a Therapy Dog?

     Students bring their family dog to the obedience classes. Please provide proof of Rabies and Distemper vaccinations PRIOR to the 1st class. Lepto, Corona and Bordetella vaccinations can be discussed with your veterinarian, but are not required.

What supplies do I need to bring for Obedience classes?

     Make sure dogs have a chain collar that fits and a 4' or 6' leather leash. We'll show you how to avoid the collar choking your dog. No prong collars. No chains, nylon or flexi-leads. Optional supplies: dog treats, water dish, water bottles. 

Will my child and dog be ready for AKC competitions after taking the obedience class?

     Highly unlikely :-)

The primary objectives are fun and socialization for the entire family - not competition! 


     Emails will be sent to all families in the unlikely event that classes must be cancelled.

Rain dates?

     Classes will typically be held in the fully fenced TheraPets training field. In cases of rain we will either reschedule or move into our covered pole barn.